Most of my articles have been about professional television production for cameramen, lighting directors, programme producers and directors.

I had a regular column, "Through the Viewfinder", in the American magazine "Television Technology" for several years with many using my own photographs, a title I used for my book about television camerawork published in 2009.

For several years I wrote a ‘Travel Tips’ column for a stock photography website based in Wisconsin, USA.

"Zerb" - magazine

2000 words - my return after a 21 year gap to multi-camera shooting on the ballet “Sleeping Beauty” as the main cameraman in Kyoto, Japan

"Television Technology, Europe" - magazine

1000 words - RUV Television in Reykjavik, Iceland.

"" - website

Long running 'Travel Tips' column for stock photographer’s world-wide.

"Television Technology & Production, Asia Pacific Edition" - magazine

900 words - Aboriginal Imparja Television in Alice Springs, Australia.

1000 words - Brunei Television in Bandar Seri Begawan

700 -1000 words each - Kazakhstan, Korea, Tonga, and Fiji.

1,000 words - an insiders view of television in Taiwan.

1,300 words - television in the Cook Islands and New Zealand

1,200 words - television in Tonga and Western Samoa

"Television Technology & Production, Europe Edition" - magazine

1000 words - Panasonic DVCPRO in use STV, Edinburgh, Scotland.

"Creation" - magazine

700 words “J'accuse”, a personal and highly critical survey about the impoverished state of lighting standards on British television.

"Bridge The World"- travel company 

300 word profile - Aitutaki in the Cook Islands for travel newsletter

"Insight Japan" - magazine

700 word article - the making of DVCPRO system cameras and video recorders at the National Panasonic factory in Osaka, Japan

"Television Lighting" - magazine

3,600 words - television in four Polynesian countries, New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands

3,200 words - television production and entertainment in Taiwan

5,000 words - comparison of Brazilian TV stations, Globo TV in Rio de Janeiro and ECO TV in Paraty

"The Stage & TV Today" - newspaper

600 words - Selecon Lighting in New Zealand and its products

500 words - the World Lighting Fair in Yokohama, Japan

"Television Buyer" - magazine

2,500 words - how to do ENG TV news lighting for cameramen

2,500 words - how to make best use of TV studios for independent producers

"Globe" - magazine

400 words - ways and means to get round Brazil, Venezuela and Curacao for independent travellers

"Zerb" - magazine

2250 words - working practices at a small Brazilian TV station, ECO TV, for professional TV cameramen