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About The Book

I have always counted myself lucky in being the third generation of a showbiz family going back nearly a century and believe this continuity gave me a 'feel' for working at the forefront of television production. My career has certainly not been typical and countless other cameramen have achieved a lot more than me without any showbiz background whatsoever, where you come from is not necessarily where you are going to go, it is entirely up to you.

It was seeing television cameras at the age of twelve that inspired me to become a cameraman. So I left school with no qualifications and started in the ATV post room when I was fifteen then joined the Camera Department when I was old enough and stayed a cameraman for 23 years, mostly at the Elstree Studios.

My next move was north to the Central Studios in Nottingham as a Lighting Director and Lighting Cameraman, staying there 8 years before going freelance, which I did for several more years.

Now I am a travel, documentary and portrait photographer and
THROUGH THE VIEWFINDER is my first book.


This is my story; we all make our own destiny so go ahead and make yours.

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